Amazing fan-made Minecraft server

30 January, 2023

Amazing fan-made Minecraft server

There are plenty of really amazing Minecraft servers out there but despite the fact that we are now in 2022, this doesn't mean fans won't go to great lengths to make sure you can play Doom on any device you like. Doomed, Demons of the Nether was the latest fan-made project to translate the franchise. It's a Minecraft map that looks wild.

Modder Sibogy created the map and you can see its trailer below. Reddit fan-developer Sibogy posted that the map took two years to make, used command blocks and data blocks, and is completely free to download.

The game is based on Doom by id Software but it's not exactly the same. Sibogy told PC Gamer that he didn't want to create a 1:1 copy of Doom because it would be too much to play Doom. If it seemed like fun, I tried to implement it.

The map contains four levels, including Mars, The Foundry and The UAC Facility. It also includes boss fights and cutscenes. Sibogy currently offers the map pack for download. The download is straightforward, but the page also contains instructions for installation to help you get up and running as fast as possible.

This fan-made version of the franchise is a continuation of a variety other efforts by the Doom community in spreading the game's universe to as many people as possible. IGN covered a Doom project that allowed users to take on the role of the iconic Doom Marine through Twitter. A Tweet2Doom bot was created on Twitter. This allowed players to respond in tweet form using different command prompts to move through the game almost in turn-based fashion. If that's not your cup of tea you can check out a minecraft server list to find a server that suits you.