Best Minecraft farms

There are three dimensions in Minecraft that you can explore: the Overworld (or the Nether), the End (or the End). The Nether realm is Minecraft's most dangerous dimension.

Minecraft's version hell is the Nether. According to the legend, the dimension lies below the Overworld. This dark realm is home to a number of hostile mobs that are ready to attack players.

The Nether realm is home to many rare and valuable resources, including ancient debris, blackstone and soul sand. It is therefore a good place to build farms to get these resources faster and more easily in Minecraft.

5) Hoglin farm

Hoglins look like beefy pigs. Hoglins are violent and will attack anyone they see, unlike the Overworld Pigs. They drop pork when they die. They are still prone to fire damage, even though they make up a Nether mob.

Hoglins also fear warped fungi. To force hoglins to fall into a trap, players can make a spawning site and add some warped fungi. You can also farm pork chops in Minecraft.

4) Ghast farm

Ghasts are one the most irritating mobs in Minecraft. Ghasts have been known to blow up Nether portals. Ghasts can be a nuisance as they drop ghast tear, which is the main ingredient in crafting end crystals.

Ghasts can be found in all biomes of the Nether, but they are more common in soul-sand valleys. Ghast farmers who want to farm ghast tears in the Nether should set up a ghast farm at the soul sand valley's bedrock ceiling.

3) Blaze farm

Large fortresses in the Nether often have blaze-spawners. As with any other spawner in Minecraft, players can also use blazespawners to build farms.

Blazes are the only mob that can be defeated in the game. They can drop blaze rods that are required to craft eyes of the ender.

2) Wither skeleton farm

One of the most rare drops in Minecraft is from wither skeletons. There is a 2.5-5% chance that a wither skull will be dropped by skeletons. Players can summon the Wither by using three wither skull skulls and four soul stones.

The main item required to craft beacons is the Nether star that you get by defeating the Wither. To get tons of bones, coal, and skulls players can build a wither-skeleton farm. It can also be used as a source of beacon farms.

1) Gold farm

The most common type of farm in the Nether is the gold farm. This farm uses the high spawn rate for zombie piglins in order to gain XP and Gold. In just minutes, zombie piglin farms are capable of producing tons of gold as well as experience points.

Because of the many monsters that spawn in the Nether, it is ideal for building mob farm. Other than mob farms, players have the option to build iron, beacons and basalt farms.