Comparing witches to evokers In Minecraft

4 December, 2022

Comparing witches to evokers In Minecraft

There are many types of hostile, neutral, and passive creatures in Minecraft. Players aren't the only "humans" in Minecraft. There are a few species that are closest to players in nature. These species are known as Illagers, Pillagers, Villagers.

There are two types of hostile mobs within them: a Witch or an Evoker. Both are hostile and can use magic to kill players.

Comparison of a Witch in Minecraft and an Evoker

Let's begin with the main differences between an Evoker and a Witch in Minecraft.


They are quite different in appearance. The Witch wears a pointed hat and has a purple robe. An Evoker, on the other hand, wears a black robe and a golden lining.

An Evoker will have frowning eyebrows while a Witch will have straight eyebrows.


Evokers usually appear at Woodland Mansions in Minecraft. However, they can also spawn during raids if the difficulty is not high enough.

A Witch can spawn anywhere there is light below 7, including in Swamps Huts or Raids. They can also spawn when lightning strikes within 4 blocks of a villager. This converts them into Witches.


While both Witch and Evoker attack players with hostile mobs, their behavior is quite different.

Witches can target players with harmful spells and then defend themselves by drinking beneficial ones. Witches are able to chase players within 64 blocks and cannot open doors. They have a louder sound.

When they attack, Evokers use a different hand gesture. Evokers raise their arms high and cast their spell. If they approach players to attack, they can run away from them. They hate almost all mobs except the Illagers.

Weapons and Attack strength

Evokers can create fangs that attack players and surround them. An Evoker can cast a spell that spawns vexes. These can fly and attack players using iron swords.

A Witch can use harmful splash potions to cause slowness, weakness and harming towards players. She can also defend herself by drinking health potion.

Item drops after death

A Witch can leave behind various items upon death such as a glass bottle, sugar, gunpowder and redstone dust, spider eye, and sticks

An Evoker will always drop a Totem or Undying upon death. Sometimes, Emeralds are also dropped.

These mobs can be hostile and deal with magic, but they are quite different. Both mobs deal damage through potions and one spawns various attacks and casts spells.