How to feed your chickens in Minecraft

Minecraft is alive and well. This can be a nod towards the game's player base and demographic, as well as the hundreds of living entities in the game called mobs.

Mobs can include fantasy creatures such as the enderman or witches, undead entities like zombies and skulls, and animals such as cows, sheep, pigs, or pigs. The chicken is one of the smallest and most adorable mobs in the game.

Chickens are a passive mob and can be found throughout Minecraft in pleasant, grassy biomes. They can be kept as pets without any complications and are very cute.

This article explains what kind of food chickens like to eat.

Minecraft chickens eat food items

Chickens are similar to cows and only eat one kind of food. They also eat seeds that can be used to produce them. Below are the four types of seeds that chickens can eat.

Minecraft players can also get a chicken to follow you if they have seeds in hand. This can be used for multiple chickens to be attracted to any farm that players have created or to return any chickens that have fled. Chickens tend to run when they see the fences open.

1) Wheat seeds

Wheat seeds are one of the most easy seeds in Minecraft. These seeds can be easily dropped if players cut or mine grass using other tools than shears. The best way to get a chicken farm started is with wheat seeds. They can also be used to build a wheat farm that produces bread.

2) Melon seeds

Melons can be found in jungle biomes and villages. These plants may not get enough sunlight and can drop 0-2 melon seed if they aren't given enough. These seeds, like the ones on the list, can be used to raise chickens and multiply chicken farms. You can also find melon seeds in abandoned mineshaft or dungeon chests.

3) Beetroot seeds

Another crop is beetroot, which is found growing in villages or inside end-city chests is also common. You can find beetroot seeds in dungeon chests, or you can break or mine beetroot plants. You can also get them by digging on the grass with a hoe, but this has only a 1/16th or 0.0625% chance.

4) Pumpkin seeds

As with their counterparts, pumpkin seeds can also be found in chests made from broken pumpkins. A player can also place a pumpkin in a crafting grid to create four pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins can grow in swamps, extreme hills and even snow biomes.

The primary source of eggs and chicken is the game's chickens. Because they can flap their wings and float to the ground, there is no risk of them falling. Multiple chickens can follow players if they have seeds.