How to find gold in the last patch

Minecraft has had gold ore and ingots for a long time. Access to the material has fluctuated over the years but Minecraft 1.18 still leaves plenty of options.

There are many ways to get raw gold or ingots of gold in Minecraft. However, some methods work better than others. A player who collects ingots from various locations and loot boxes will have less to show than someone who mines with the Fortune Enchantment on their pickaxe.

It doesn't matter how a Minecraft player earns their gold, it is up to them. They should be encouraged and supported to use all possible methods to get what they want. Below are some of the best options.

5) Defeating zombie piglins

The Nether dimension's piglins are known for their love of Minecraft gold, even though they have been zombified. Zombified piglins can drop gold ingots if they are defeated by a player, or a tamed Wolf. You can drop items like gold nuggets and weapons. However, drop rates for weapons vary depending on whether you are playing Minecraft: Java Edition, or Bedrock Edition.

Although this is not a very productive method, the Looting Enchantment can be applied to weapons to make it less disappointing.

4) Borrowing from Villagers

Villages are great places to be close, especially for those who are just starting out in Minecraft and need shelter and resources. For those looking for gold, both temple and weaponsmith chests in Minecraft villages have a 25% chance of containing gold ingots. The ingots can also be found in toolsmith chests at 9.9%. Players can grab a few ingots from the villagers and they won't notice.

3) Structure loot chests

It doesn't hurt to look at the other structures that Minecraft has created, even if you're not in a village. Nether Fortresses and Bastion Remnants have a higher chance of dropping gold ingots than killing zombie piglins. There is a high chance of finding gold ingots in the Overworld by searching for hidden treasure chests.

2) Mining Nether Gold Ore

It's a good idea to look out for Nether Gold blocks if you are already in the Nether. Nether Gold ore, which can be found at heights 10 to 117 in Minecraft's Minecraft, can be used directly to make gold ingots, much the same way that gold ore worked in Minecraft before the Caves and Cliffs update.

You should be cautious when mining this ore. Piglins don't like players taking their gold reserves.

1) Overworld mining

Although it may not be thrilling, mining the underground underworld of the Overworld will provide the best bang for your buck when it is time to collect gold. These ore blocks are found between layers 0 and 32 in all biomes within the Overworld. Minecraft 1.17 and 1.18 update allow players to find gold ore both in stone and deepslate.

Enchantments like Efficiency and Fortune make it much easier to collect raw gold and more useful when it comes time to return it.