How to jump in Minecraft parkour

1 September, 2022

How to jump in Minecraft parkour

Minecraft Parkour has been a very popular activity. Parkour enthusiasts love to perform complex, aggravating jumps.

Parkour has become a hugely popular sport in Minecraft. This has led to a multitude of complex parkour maps. The 4 block jump is one of these difficult jumps.

This article will show you how to perform a 4-block jump, one of the most difficult jumps in the game.

How do you overcome the 4 Block Jump in Minecraft Parkour?

First, let's say that there are many ways for players to perform successful 4-block jumps in parkour. Not all methods will work in every situation.

To complete a single map, players on Minecraft parkour servers or parkour maps may have to use multiple techniques.

The primary method to successfully overcome the 4 block jump reliably, regardless of the other methods, is first gaining momentum. It is possible to sprint up to the jump and jump once before you attempt the final 4 blocks.

You can also gain momentum by jumping at least 5 blocks from the main 4 block jump. To gain enough momentum, players will need to jump slightly off the ground before they can jump on the final 4 blocks.

There are many ways to do it, even if you only have one block as a runway for your 4 block jump. The easiest way to do it is to jump from the edge of the block, but not sprinting. However, you should sprint immediately after landing to get enough momentum to perform the primary 4 block jump.

Although it's unlikely that gamers will be able to do this trick every time, this strategy can make it relatively simple to clear 4 block jumps most of the time.