MInecraft : Amazing earth servers

19 August, 2022

MInecraft : Amazing earth servers

Minecraft's Earth servers are multiplayer servers that create the Earth and allow players to build on it. One Minecraft block is equal to one foot of Earth. The entire map can be created as the size of planet Earth in real-life.

Earth servers can be a great place to meet new people and build colonies. Some servers have politics and wars just like the real Earth. Below are the top ten Earth servers for 2022. Each server was tested with version 1.18.2.

Minecraft: Ten best Earth servers in 2022


GeoEarthMC, a small Earth server with a homey feel, is GeoEarthMC. There are no other games on the server as it is all about Earth. The server allows players to explore Earth, but also has the ability to travel into space.

IP: join.geoearthmc.net

9) Minecraft Planet Earth

Minecraft Planet Earth is an Earth server that's small on a 1:1500 scale. Multiple portals will appear when you first spawn on this server. These portals allow you to spawn onto the Earth map.

Each portal has a different continent label. You will be teleported to any safe, random spot on the continent once you have entered a portal.

IP: mc.minecraftplanetearth.com

8) Viculus Earth

Viculus Earth, an active Earth server, has beautiful spawn. This server features a built-in economy and SlimeFun. This server is active in chat and welcomes newcomers.

IP: play.viculusearth.net

7) EarthMC.me

EarthMC is a smaller server on Earth that offers many features. EarthMC allows players to get jobs, create custom enchantments and make money. They can also party with their friends. The server is a charming and beautiful place to visit.

IP: earthmc.me

6) ConquerEarthMc

ConquerEarthMC hosts around 20 players at once on an Earth server. The server offers many unique features such as an online map that allows you to see the entire world, guns, jobs, or a wiki.

IP: conquerearthmc.com

5) Fade Realms

Fade Realms supports Java and Bedrock. Fade Realms has quests, shops and rewards. Versions 1.8 to 1.18.1 are supported by the server.

IP: faderealms.net

4) MineGlobe

MineGlobe, a cross-platform server, offers two Earth servers to players: Origins and Olympia. Each map is 1:500 and comes with grief protection, actionhouse and many other features.

The resource pack is the best thing about this server. This resource pack is extremely detailed and can make the game more interesting.

IP: play.mineglobe.org

3) Cosmic Survival

Cosmic Survival, another cross-platform server allows Java Edition and Bedrock players to join the fun. Cosmic Survival offers three gamemodes: Lunar Lifesteal and Earth Cosmos Survival. The most popular is Lunar Survival.

Java Edition: sm.cosmicsurvival.com.

Bedrock Edition: mc.cosmicsurvival.com

2) CyborgMC

CyborgMC can be used as both an Earth server and a Pixelmon server. Teleportation to any continent is possible with their Earth map. A unique texture pack is also available on the server. Chat is very active on this server so you will always make new friends.

IP: orange.cyborgmc.com

1) EarthMC

This EarthMC uses a different IP address to avoid confusion with other EarthMCs on the list. EarthMC is the original Earth server. There are tons of cool builds on this server. This server allows players to build colonies and nations.

IP: sm.earthmc.net