Minecraft furious cocktail achievement guide

23 July, 2022

Minecraft furious cocktail achievement guide

Players can advance in Minecraft and earn various achievements (in Java Edition) and advancements (in Bedrock Edition). These can be obtained by performing normal or specific tasks, such as mining stone or iron or defeating boss mobs.

One special advancement in Minecraft is called "A Furious Cocktail". It is not an easy one to attain, because players must find many items and brew many potions in order to gain this type of advancement.

Minecraft: How to get 'A Furious Drink' advancement

What is the 'A Furious Drink' advancement in Minecraft?

A player can achieve this advancement if they have all 13 status effects applied to Minecraft at the same time. This is a very difficult advancement.

What is required to achieve advancement?

To achieve this level of advancement, players will need a variety of special items. They will first need all the items necessary to make potions that grant status effects to players. 

A four-layered Beacon can give players various status effects. Jump Boost and Speed Boost are all possible with Beacons. They also grant Resistance, Strength, Regeneration, Strength, and Resistance. You can combine this with other status effects such as potions to increase your Minecraft experience.

All status effects must be synchronized

Once they have created the Beacons and worked out each potion, players will need to time the status effects in order to gain the advancement. To achieve this level of advancement, players must have all status effects active.

Some status effects have shorter durations, so players will need drink them and activate them accordingly. You can increase the potions' duration by adding redstone dust to them.