Minecraft Snapshot 20w11a

11 June, 2022

Minecraft Snapshot 20w11a

This is a snapshot of your newly enchanted boots, ready to take you on your journey through the beautiful Soulsand Valleys. This is a scary place, but these boots will make it easier.

Before we get into the snapshot, a little bit about Redstone

Redstone is one the most exciting things in Minecraft. Many of you are part of communities that build mind-blowing redstone contraptions and farms.

Many redstone behaviours are currently classified as "undefined". This is when the behavior of a block is not caused by intentional code, but is a side-effect or quirk of the game code.

We know that many players find undefined behavior to be very interesting and they enjoy creating unique contraptions to share their knowledge with the rest.

The quirks of undefined behavior can be quite unexpected, even when building simple contraptions. This can make it difficult for new players to redstone, and could turn them off from the unique and exciting aspects of Minecraft and the large redstone community.

We want all redstone components to be at a high quality level. We will make adjustments as necessary to ensure redstone continues to be of the highest quality.

We will communicate any changes in the snapshot changelogs. As always, we will be looking for your feedback and comments. Please post any feedback on redstone immediately.

New Features in 20w11a

- Soul Speed Enchantment Added

- Added Twisting Vine that grows upwards - You can now find nether gold ore in the nether. It is similar to gold ore but more Nethery

Soul Speed

Soul Speed is here to help you avoid the pain of drudging through Soul Sand Valleys.

This soul-sucking enchantment will make your Soul Sand and Soul Soil shine!
However, there is a downside: Enchantments slowly degrade your boots with each Soul block you walk on
- This can only be obtained by bartering against those pesky Piglins

Changes in 20w11a

- You can now grow kelp, weeping and twisting vines with bone meal
- Hoes are the right tools to mine Hay, Targets and Dried Kelp Blocks, Shroomlights as well as Warped Wart Blocks and Nether Wart Blocks.
Doors, rails and buttons can now be placed on full-block of snow layers and soulsand.
- Soul sand on top of a rail will not slow down minecarts
- TNT or Campfires will now light up when they are hit by any projectile.
- Now bell blocks will ring when hit with any projectile

Technical Changes in 20w11a

minecraft:soul_speed_blocks is any block that the Soul Speed enchantment increases speed on
- Soul - A new particle type

Fixed bugs in 20w11a

MC-81659- The witherskull and fireball hitboxes are often invisible for a few seconds
MC-134900 – server.properties generator settings for level-type FLAT are not implemented; property is stored at ignored flat_world_options NB
MC-145140 – Fireballs can't be interacted with when summoned
MC-146928 – Can't place doors or rails, buttons, pressure plates, redstone, pressure plates, etc. on soul sand
MC-148935 - Zombies without AI still turn into drowned
MC-171079 – Comparators no longer work as expected when reading containers are powered by powered blocks
MC-171860 – Nether fossils have code that implies an unimplemented/locate function
MC-172266 – Crossbow-wielding piglins don't properly walk backwards in order to target the player when they are very close
MC-172323 – Game crashes when summoning hoglins with the attack damage attribute set at 0 or giving hoglin weaknesses with very high levels (255).
MC-172374 – Can teleport to invalid y coordinates, and crash the game
MC-172428 – Piglins, hoglins don't look at their target
MC-172470 – When the piglin holds a bow, it will attempt to attack and follow the enemy until it stands still.
MC-172530: Piglins will indefinitely keep their golden items dropped by mobGriefing disabled
MC-172903 – Piglins that convert into zombified piglins remove armor if equipped
MC-173156: Z-fighting at the bottom of potted bamboo; bamboo's bottom texture is exposed
MC-173167 – Netherite sword/tools are not sorted with any other swords/tools
MC-173180: Hoglins aren't afraid of Warped Fungus in flowerpots
MC-173219: No sound when climbing weeping grape vines
MC-173243 – Crying obsidian can be moved by pistons
MC-173283 – Piglin admiring a gold ingot that doesn't fall when killed
MC-173302: Crying Obsidian can easily be harvested with any pickaxe
MC-173384: The Ender Dragon can destroy crying obsidian by destroying it
MC-173433 – Killing a baby Hoglin does not yield experience
MC-173462 – Baby piglins can light soul fire torches
MC-173467 - Piglins admire bartering with gold ingots and drop nothing when converting into Zombified Piglin
MC-173484 Death message from falling off of a trapdoor doesn't mention it by name
MC-173485 Death message from falling off scaffolding doesn't mention it by name
MC-173706: NullPointerException in the server tick loop when trying load a flatland planet with Nether biome
MC-173725 Anvil name field does not automatically receive focus anymore. It is unclickable
MC-173731: Fire and soul fire make a sound and emit particles when extinguished
MC-173732 – Fire and soul fire don't have loot boxes
MC-173739 - Missing sound for event: minecraft:block.smithing_table.use
MC-173766 – Thrown tridents vanish after hitting and damaging a mob/entity
MC-173776: Hoes don't mine targets faster
MC-173792 - End gateways don't work using enderpearls
MC-173858 – Unable to set LeftHanded to "1b" for piglins