MInecraft soul speed guide

3 June, 2022

MInecraft soul speed guide

Enchantments have been an integral part of Minecraft over the years. Many of the tasks in Minecraft are impossible without the Silk Touch enchantment.

There are many different enchantments you can acquire in different ways. The enchanting table, and librarians are two of the best sources of enchantment.

What is the secret to it?

Soul Speed is a boot enhancement that increases the player's speed on soul soil and soul sand blocks.

There are three levels. The multiplier (Level * 0.105 + 1.3) adjusts the speed of the player for each level. Java Edition allows you to increase your speed even when slabs or carpets are placed on top soul sand blocks or soul soil blocks.

Soul Speed III increases the player's walking speed by 61.5%. Experienced Minecrafters will often make tracks with soul blocks to increase their speed and then walk long distances on them using Soul Speed boots.

This is mostly used on survival multiplayer servers to move between farms and bases of different players. With each block a player takes, boots with Soul Speed have a 4% chance that their durability will decrease. Players are advised to enchant their boots using Unbreaking III.

Sources of Soul Speed Enchantment

Soul Speed is a treasure-enchantment. It cannot be applied directly to players' boots by using the enchanting table. Fishing and trading also do not offer treasure enchantments.

Players must loot remnants of bastions to obtain the Soul Speed enchantment. They might be able to find golden boots or enchanted books with Soul Speed in loot chests if they are lucky.

The Soul Speed enchantment may be used to spawn golden boots for piglins. Although it is not very common, piglins might lose their enchanted golden shoes upon death.

Bartering with Piglins can lead to iron boots and an enchanted book that has Soul Speed. Players can barter with them by dropping a gold ingot near a piglin or handing it over by right-clicking the piglin and holding the ingot.