Mobs that make the game worse

20 May, 2022

Mobs that make the game worse

Minecraft's world is full of diverse wildlife, both magical and natural. All creatures can be interacted with by players, but some are not beneficial.

Many mobs will drop different types of useful items that are very useful for players. Some are useful for survival while others can help players make great progress. These mobs are mostly used for 'ambient' purposes and have little to no usage.

Five Minecraft mobs that are least useful should be deleted in future updates

Nearly all mobs in Minecraft can be beneficial in some way. These mobs are not needed in Minecraft and will be removed in future updates.

5) Endermite

Endermite is a small, hostile creature that rarely spawns from a thrown ender pearl. They only despawn in two minutes and drop three points of XP upon death.

Endermite can only be used to build an Enderman farm. Their spawn is rare and requires a lot of Enderman pearls to spawn one endermite. There are many other ways to create an Enderman farm.

4) Polar bears

You can find polar bears in Minecraft's cold biomes. They are pure 'ambient mobs, as their sole purpose in life is to improve the experience of cold biomes. They don't lose any XP points upon death and only leave raw salmon and cod. They cannot be tamed or bred.

3) Ocelots

Ocelots, a rare breed in the cat family, rarely spawn in forests. They look very similar to cats. Even if they are fed enough salmon or cod, they can't be pets.

They keep creepers out of their area, but they can also do the same for cats that are more common in Minecraft.

2) Silverfish

Silverfish are the name of these annoying little Minecraft creatures. You can either spawn them from an infested block of stone or from a spawner within a stronghold. They are usually useless mobs that do not drop any XP points but instead attack the player.

Their smaller hitboxes make it difficult to eradicate them, which can be quite frustrating.

1) Bats

In Minecraft, bats are passive mobs that are pure 'ambient. They can be found in dark places, such as caves, or on the surface at night. They make strange, random noises and fly around randomly.

They do not drop any items upon death, even XP. They are the most ignored and insignificant mob in Minecraft. They might not be noticed by players if they are removed.

Each mob is valuable in Minecraft. However, they are not useful. To make room for better mobs in the future, they can be removed.