Mushroom field guide

Minecraft's famous Mushroom fields biome. The vast open world of Minecraft greets players with a variety of biomes. There are many biomes that are both magical and natural. However, none of them are like the Mushroom fields.

Minecraft has more than 60 biomes. They range from plains, mountains and forests to End islands, Basalt Deltas and Warped forests. Mushroom fields are the most rare and safest of all biomes.

It also has many specialties unlike any other biome. However, there are some drawbacks.

The biome is rare

One of the most rare biomes in Minecraft is the mushroom field biome. It is only possible to find it on an island isolated from the deep ocean. It is very difficult to find one. To find one, players will need to explore thousands of blocks.

Flora and fauna

After landing in these biomes, the first thing players will notice is that there aren't any grass blocks or trees. The grayish-colored mycelium covers all dirt blocks. This is why this biome does not have trees. The biome cannot grow any other types of mushrooms, big or small.

New players may be concerned if they discover one of these biomes. Wood is an important resource in the game. Players can still grow trees provided they have a dirt block and a sapling.

Mooshroom cows

Mooshrooms, a unique type of cow, spawn only in a Mushroom fields biome. This biome is where red mooshroom cows naturally spawn. It can be struck with lightning to transform into brown mooshrooms. Brown mooshrooms do not naturally spawn. They are similar to normal cows in terms item drops, but can be sheared for mushrooms.

Only two mobs can spawn in this biome: Bats and Mooshrooms. Other animals are not allowed, but players can bring any animal.

No hostile mobs

The Mushroom fields biome's most distinctive feature is its inability to be populated by hostile mobs. This unique feature has made the biome very popular over the years. This biome is safe enough for players to use.

Players can't find mobs even if they go down into the caves. As long as they stay under the biome, they won’t be able to find them. Cave mobs can walk into the biome, but they won't be spawn there.