Top 5 new Minecraft achievements

13 April, 2022

Top 5 new Minecraft achievements

Minecraft 1.18 introduces many new features to the game. This update focuses mainly on terrain and world generation. It also changes the way ores are distributed in Minecraft and on what levels they generate. The update is now live and players can finally enjoy Minecraft 1.18 in all of its glory.

Alternatives to achievements in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, advancements in Minecraft Java Edition can be made. Java Edition has 94 advancements and Bedrock Edition boasts 114 achievements. Java Edition is up from 91. These are the top advancements you can make in Minecraft 1.18.

5) Suit Up

Minecraft 1.18 features a new version of one of Minecraft's most iconic achievements. These new hollow cave systems make it possible to create large, dark areas that are filled with hostile mobs. It can be difficult to kill. Although hostile mobs are less likely to spawn from light sources such as torches, players will need to have a full set of armor to withstand the large caves.

4) Star Trader

This advancement can be earned by trading with villager, as its name implies. This advancement is only possible if the player makes a trade with villagers at the highest level of their build limit. It's quite exciting and unique.

Feels like home

This progression involves the player riding a Strider, which is a passive mob that can only be found in the Nether on any body lava on the Overworld. To lure the strider into moving forward, you will need a saddle and Warped Fungus On a Stick.

2) Sound of music

You can use a jukebox for music in the new meadow biome to obtain this cheerful advancement. To further strengthen Minecraft 1.18's presence, players can use the new 'Otherside" music disc.

1) Caves and Cliffs

Caves and Cliffs are the most popular Minecraft 1.18 advancement. This achievement can be achieved by jumping from one of the highest points to another. This is also the first time that Minecraft has been named after an update.

Advancements in Minecraft help players navigate through the various stages of the game's development. They are a great help to new players but they also provide small victories for players who face the many challenges of Minecraft.